we are always looking for a few good videos for the Uglybraine library. We hear there are a lot of people doing a lot with a little, so we thought a contest was in order :)

If you think you have the skills and would like your video to be used to promote all things Ugly, Click Here to download three songs to choose from. Winners will be selected by a panel of eccentrics and a teaser will be posted on the website. Please read the rules below and remember to keep it ugly.

Contest rules: Keep it ugly. you can submit up to one video per song, but it must utilize the full track from start to finish in its original format and no other sounds can be added, manipulated or removed unless they are the sole property and creation of the owner (proof may be required). One video will be chosen as the winner and showcased at a summer concert of Doron's choosing. You do not have to be in attendance to win, but a gift bag will be available the night of the concert and presented to the winner if they are in attendance. Your video will be featured on all Doron Lev & Uglybraine websites so long as it does not have any material that could be deemed a copyright infringement. All video content should be the sole creative property of the video maker and we ask that you give written permission to ELLO PIARO RECORDS for sole use of the video for all Doron Lev & Uglybraine media outlets provided credit is always given to you, the creator. More than one winning video may be selected and showcased, but only one grand winner (or winning team) will be given the grand prize of select Uglybraine merchandise and the chance to celebrate with the band on stage. All videos should be submitted in .mp4 format and sent via free file share software like WeTransfer, MediaFire or Dropbox to UGLYBRAINE@GMAIL.COM or uploaded onto YouTube with the tag #UGLYVIDCON. Winners will be selected by a panel of possibly intoxicated Uglybraine staff members somewhere in an Ugly New York City bunker. All video images should be the sole property of the artist or artists, international infringement laws apply. All videos posted by the deadline will be considered. contact UGLYBRAINE@GMAIL.COM for additional details. 


Help us make a video !


​Doron Lev & Uglybraine