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          地址:山東省 曲阜市 春秋西路299號



          版權所有 ? 山東新圣泰機械制造有限公司 |  ICP備案號: 魯ICP備16012984號-2 |  網站支持:中企動力 濟南 | 【后臺管理登錄】










             Shandong xinshengtai Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. - located in Qufu City, the hometown of Confucius, which is known as the "Oriental holy city".
          It is a company specializing in the production and sales of straw comprehensive utilization machinery, feed crushing machinery, baler, packer, granulator, mixer, pasture use equipment and food machinery; Manufacturing and sales of modern agricultural machinery and equipment and forage processing machinery; Agricultural equipment information technology is a comprehensive modern agricultural machinery equipment R & D, production and manufacturing of scientific and technological innovation, high-tech enterprises.
          The company registered the trademark of "Shengtai"; Now it has more than 40 national patents; The enterprise has passed iso9001:2015 quality management system; Iso14001:2015 environmental management system; OHSAS18001:2007 occupational health management system; GB / t27922-2011 after sales service system and other authoritative certification; The products have obtained the production license issued by the AQSIQ; The enterprise has the right of independent import and export operation; More than ten kinds of products enjoy the national agricultural machinery subsidy policy. In 2020, Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences (Qufu) straw comprehensive utilization Industrial Technology Research Institute and doctoral research workstation were established. The company continued to strengthen technical transformation, improve the pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales service level, and meet the needs of customers for new agricultural machinery products with high-quality products and professional services.
          The company adheres to the strategy of diversified and professional development, adheres to the concept of "sincere products, supreme sanctity, Xinnuo and Chongtai", develops the enterprise, and has won the trust of customers with strong technical force, excellent product quality, advanced processing equipment and perfect after-sales service.
          After several years of development, the products have been sold all over the country, won the government procurement projects for many times, and exported to Ethiopia, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Africa, Taiwan, India and other countries and regions.
          Shandong xinshengtai is willing to sincerely join hands with people of insight and colleagues in the industry to win-win results and contribute to the development of China's agricultural machinery industry!